Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's a Dog's Life

Quantum Leap has gone to the dogs.  There are 7 dogs that call Quantum Leap a second home.  So, to get a different perspective on life in a winery, we thought why not ask the top dogs?

Meet the Quantum Leap pack:

Buster-  Buster is a frequent and enthusiastic visitor of QL and just got a red wine tasting named after him-- “Buster’s Big Reds.”  He insists the fame hasn’t gone to his head.

Kaley-  Ten years young, Kaley is a veteran lady at QL.  She prides herself on helping other rescue pups like herself with Kaley’s Rescue Red Blend.

Ollie-  Ollie’s a champion runner and a mama’s boy.  His sister is Kaley and he’s patiently waiting for a wine to be named after him. 

Wesley-  Wesley loves everyone and everything.  He loves people, treats, long walks, and constant attention!

Stewart-  Stewy goes by the motto, “If I can dream it, I can do it!”  His favorite pastimes are balancing on barrels, chasing tennis balls, and greeting all Quantum Leap guests.

(Freckles and Shiloh are new additions to the pack and will be featured in later interviews.)

Let's get started-- 

Q.   What’s the best part about spending the day at the winery?

            Wesley—“Everyone pets me and Jen gives me lots of ice cubes.”
            Buster—“I can ask everyone to play tug with me! I’ll ask you and you and you and you.”

Q.  What’s your favorite QL wine?

            Kaley—“Something named after me has to be great! So, I’d say Kaley’s Rescue Red.”
            Ollie—“I’m more of a water bowl guy, but I love anything that was from a valley.  Walla                                Walla Valley, Napa Valley, Columbia Valley.  They sound like great places to
                         stretch out my legs and run, run, run!”

Q.   Red or white wine?

            Buster—“Red and white! Just like my coloring.”
            Stewart— “If it was in a barrel, I’ll drink it!”

Q.  Do you know any QL secrets?

            Ollie— “Their secrets are safe with me.  My muzzle is sealed!”

To see more of the #winerydogs, check out them out on Instagram @QuantumLeapWinery

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